What Next? feels like one of the most futuristic pieces of programming broadcast in New Zealand in years – a smart, provocative attempt to grapple with some of the most important issues of this era and the next.

What Next?

What Next? is an ambitious investigation into the future of New Zealand. Over three series we have utilised New Zealand’s leading presenters, including John Campbell and Nigel Latta, to weave together an optimistic story about our future.

Series 3 (4 x 44 minutes)

In Series 1 we asked Kiwis what they wanted New Zealand to be like in twenty years’ time and this new four-part documentary series looks at those ideas in action, meeting Kiwis with radical ideas showing us the path to future-proof New Zealand. Presented by Miriama Kamo, Nigel Latta, Jehan Casinader and Carolyn Robinson.

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Series 2 - The Next Chapter (4 x 10 minutes)

In 2017 What Next? asked some big questions about the future of New Zealand. The answers were fascinating, so we found four passionate Kiwis to dig deeper into what the answers mean - both for themselves and for the future of our country.

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Series 1 (5 x 44 minutes)

The first iteration of What Next? was five hours live, five nights in a row. It was a conversation with New Zealand to see what we want in 20 years time. Do we like the way we’re heading - Plan A? Or do we need big, new, radical ideas - a Plan B? The answer was a resounding call for a Plan B.

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